Light up my life

I tried my hand at light painting for the first time tonight…with mixed results. The first thing I discovered as I was fiddling about with my camera is that I cannot control the shutter speed. The Clunky Monkey had let me down and any ideas of doing incredible things like this were quickly put aside…


Photo taken by Buster Adams – check out his blog at

However, I’ve never really used ‘created’ light in photo’s so I gave it a crack anyway – I think I may have even learnt a thing or two.

After many grainy photos in ‘night mode’ I grumpily went into ‘program’ to fiddle about with the settings I can control and changed the ISO to 400. Using a little book light to highlight one of my little roses I finally got my first decent shot.


First roses I’ve grown since I lives with my parents 🙂

Mucking around with placement of light and shadows got me a few more good shots.


Hopefully in the future I’ll upgrade my camera and I can have a go at the ‘real thing!’

Thanks for reading,

-Clever Fox


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