Big Day Out

Learning, learning, learning. That’s what life is about right? I learnt a few things today at my first ‘public outing’ at Rockdale Council’s CreARTivity festival.


Its also the first time I’ve used my backdrop – despite some teething troubles, I think it turned out looking ok.


Props? Everyone loved them – possibly the best part of a photobooth is everyone dressing up and acting silly!


Of course, I said earlier that life was about lessons; here’s what I’ve learnt:

Bring a mirror – everyone likes to check out how they look! Such a simple thing, but it never even occurred to me.

Prepare backdrop before hand – and know how many streamers you will need!

Longer backdrop – luckily I had a couple of chairs to pop kids on, but in future I’ll make sure Backdrops reach the ground.

Bring tweezers – you know in case anyone needs their eyebrows plucked – haha, no just kidding, for the first time in over a year I got a paper jam! Luckily I was able to borrow some tweezers from the first aid tent and the crisis was averted. 🙂

Unfortunately the weather gods were not our side and the heavens opened up not long into the event which deterred a lot of people – but to the few I met, thank you for braving the storms and coming out!

And finally, my favorite photo of the day – so sweet!


Thanks for reading,

-Clever Fox


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