Instax Attraction


Photos taken with the Polaroid Z340

Last weekend I attended a 20th Birthday Party and – after some shots in front of the backdrop with the z340 -was able to get my little fujifilm instax out.


Looks kind of like a fat little marshmallow

These little guys have been around for a while and fujifilm did a great job in bringing back the instant camera format. They’ve advanced a bit since i bought this one and you can now get some more ‘stylish’ options, such as the piano black, or the newest camera, the instax neo classic which has a range of fantastic features.


However, despite my strong desire to burn a hole in my pocket with the neo for the time being I’m sticking with my fat little marshmallow. This is mainly due to the print size – though the guests were thrilled with the photo’s I still feel that a wide format of the neo would be worth waiting for…come on fujifilm!


Until then, I’ve just purchased this beast from ebay


Possibly the ugliest camera ever developed, the instax wide’s prints are twice the size of the instax mini – Can’t wait to give it a go!


Finally, here two instax print I managed to get shots of – not an easy thing to achieve! People may love the pick-and-choose abilities of Polaroids Z340, but nothing quite beats watching a photo develop before your eyes.


As an added bonus these prints fit perfectly into the photo compartment of most wallets

Thanks for reading,


Clever Fox



3 thoughts on “Instax Attraction

  1. Turns out I had more to say. ” a fat little marshmallow”, hilarious comparison 😀

    It looks like a fun party. It’s a bit difficult to tell from the photos, but the woman sitting on the table (in front), looks ridiculously attractive.

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