Introducing: The Beast


This is Beast: fujifilm’s instax wide 210…and possibly the ugliest camera ever made (and I would honestly like to see a camera that could challenge Beast for that title).

I’ve been wanting to buy this camera for some time..but every time I saw the camera in physical reality I was put off by it’s cumbersome size and toy-like appearance. Finally, sick of the tiny prints I was getting from my instax mini, I went ahead and bought it anyway. The conversation as I took it out of the box went something like this:

-That’s not a real camera is it?

-Look at the SIZE of it!

-Are you sure that works?

-It looks like a toy camera you used to have…*cue childhood anecdote*


Though it’s the size of a full frame DSLR the instax wide does feel like a toy – as many instax fans have noted, it feels plasticy and the back and side panel wobble about a bit, though I’ve yet to have anything actually fall off. All in all it feels like a cheap camera – which luckily, it is. If you’re fortunate enough to live in the USA you can find the instax wide on amazon for around $60 – if you’re unlucky like me in Australia you can still find some good buys on ebay, especially when bundled with film. Film itself is around $1 a print (again, it depends where you live) which makes this camera pretty much the same price (or cheaper) as it’s smaller counterparts.

If you want an instant camera and aren’t too vain, this is definitely the go –  when the settings are correct the photos are beautiful and crisp with vivid colours. Instax film is tried and tested so you don’t need to worry about fading or dodgy prints.


The instax wide can be surprisingly good at capturing fine details!


Someone’s unwanted catch – for this and anything closer than 1m, use a close up lens (you can buy them separately). Again, this was set on ‘darken’ to compensate for the bright sunlight


The beach at norval park – On a bright day it’s a good idea to set the camera to ‘darken’ to avoid washed out colours


Sunset over a dam near my mums.


The scanned image does not do this one justice…the colours turned out beautifully. Sunrise at Norval Park, QLD.

Of course, the Beast is now available as a part of Clever Fox Polaroid Photography, so if you live in Sydney and you’d like to have some fantastic instant photos at your next event, you can email or call 0424121812.

Thanks for reading!

-Clever Fox   



One thought on “Introducing: The Beast

  1. Thanks for the post – yes, it is pretty homely – certainly nothing modern can really approach its looks. I like hearing a bit of technical data about what other people are using and their reviews of cameras.

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