My First Experience with a DSLR camera

Despite my love of all things instant photography, I have often marveled at the beautiful colours, clarity and effects created with ‘proper’ cameras. It was always my intention to buy a DSLR camera, buy the vast range, conflicting advice and high prices made me wary, especially seeing as I’d never even used a DSLR!  Aperture, ISO, AF, bokeh, f-stop….what did it all mean??? And lenses – the description of which seemed like an incomprehensible jumble of letters and numbers with the occasional recognizable phrase such as ‘macro’ or ‘wide angle’ thrown in were equally as daunting – sometimes even more so as I read the repeated phrase, ‘It’s all about the glass!’

Finally though I had my chance – my mum has recently bought a Nikon D5200 and was happy to let me play when I visited. Here are a few of the resulting shots. Most are SOOC, I’ve indicated where editing has been used.



Adjusted with photoshop to compensate for bad light


Lightened with photoshop as ISO was too low

So, having practiced and researched I took the plunge and have now bought myself a new camera…but not a DSLR. But I’ll leave that topic for another blog…


Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox


7 thoughts on “My First Experience with a DSLR camera

      • Yeah.. The last time I shot exclusively in JPEG with a DSLR was when I was in the Huang Shan mountains of China. I have regretted not switching to RAW earlier. You can, by the way, adjust your settings to shoot in RAW and JPEG simultaneously

      • Oh yes. And always, always, always back up your photos. Store them on an external hard drive, and back it up. I never used to do this, and then I lost two years of photography. My hard disk crashed, and two years of work disappeared. I took the disk to about 10 labs – in Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Bombay and Delhi. Not one of them could recover the data. So now I keep the disk as a sad reminder of my past stupidity.

  1. nicolajoannecarter says:

    Beautiful images! I love the character of the cat chewing the grass, the delicacy of the butterfly pic, and the movement suggested in the pic of the grasses …I wonder what camera you have bought!?

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