The New Addition – Fujifilm X-E1: A review (of sorts) from someone who barely knows what they’re doing.


Moonrise over Botany Bay – from my first set of photos with the X-E1


I’m quite happy to announce that I finally have my first ‘proper’ camera – but it’s not an SLR. After having a play with my mum’s Nikon 5200 I was set on buying that model as I liked the images I was getting out of it..then I followed fujifilm’s blog, hoping for some instax updates. At first I ignored the X-series – I’d heard of mirrorless cameras and assumed they were a passing fad. Sure they looked pretty, but looks are normally compensating for a lack of technical prowess, right? As more (surprisingly good) images popped up on my reader, I did some investigating looking at reviews from some less bais sources. I was impressed with what I saw. In many respects other than megapixels the X series cameras seemed to equal entry level SLRs – many a reviewer even hinted they might be ‘a little better’ (I’ll put a list of reviews I looked at at the bottom of this blog). I started to think about the implications of a smaller camera – easier to carry around all day, less conspicuous, and I’ll be honest I’m a bit vain…and these cameras just look nice.


Ok, but which one? I’m new to the concept of manual cameras and though I wanted one I could grow into, rather than learn on and then upgrade I also didn’t want to spend bucketloads of money – I wanted to save that for the lenses. The X-E1 had recently received an upgrade in the form of the X-E2 resulting in some slight improvements in the newer model and a steep price drop in the former – it also seemed like good compromise between price and quality.

As for the kit XF 18-55mm lens, it received some gushing reviews everywhere I looked – except from two people on amazon (shush guys, you’re killing my buzz). As I said my experience is limited so I couldn’t tell you how it compares with others, but the images that I’ve taken have come out beautifully sharp when the stars have aligned and I miraculously have everything set right.

So what else can I say? I’m thrilled with my purchase and encourage anyone who’s looking at the X-series to go for it. Here’s one more photo from my first day with the X-E1


Sydney city from Brighton-Le-Sands


Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox

review 1 

review 2

review 3

review 4


Review 1

Review 2

Review 3

Review 4




6 thoughts on “The New Addition – Fujifilm X-E1: A review (of sorts) from someone who barely knows what they’re doing.

  1. I am a die-hard Nikon Lover! I am aiming to upgrade to the 800D! The pics are cool. I especially like the curve of the beach in the second one

  2. Great composition in that “Sydney city from Brighton-Le-Sands” photo. I think that reviews from amateurs can be helpful. Often reviews from professionals have a lot of details that many potential buyers doesn’t really care about.

  3. Johnd813 says:

    Merely a smiling visitor here to share the adore , btw outstanding style. Audacity, more audacity and always audacity. by Georges Jacques Danton. kedbcbdfafea

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