DIY: Photo Album



What you will need:

  1. Cardboard – thick, but still thin enough to punch holes in.
  2. Split rings – I purchased mine from a locksmith for $1 each – the size and amount you will need will depend on how big your album is
  3. Hot glue/glue gun
  4. Photo corners
  5. Material – I used a secondhand shirt
  6. Craft paper – Try to get paper that’s at least 180gsm – the stiffer the better. I got these sheets from spotlight for between $1.49-$1.55 each.
  7. Scissors
  8. Hole Punch
  9. Pencil 



Step 1: First, cut your cardboard to the size you want your covers to be – make sure this is at larger by at least 1cm on each side than you intend the pages to be. Lay these two pieces on your fabric.


Step 2: Cut out two pieces of fabric that are large enough to wrap around the cardboard.


Step 3: Decide how many rings you want to hold your album together and punch as many holes evenly along one piece of cardboard. Mark out corresponding holes on the other piece of cardboard by lining up the two pieces and poking a pencil though.

Image Step 4: Punch out the holes and check that they line up by layering the two pieces,


Step 5: Hot glue the fabric to the cardboard.

Note: To cover up the ‘messy bits’ and blank cardboard on the inside cover you can either cut out and glue down a square of paper the same size as the page or use a piece of the same material – trim off excess material first.

Image Image

Step 6: Cut your paper to size and arrange your images – Photo corners will allow you to easily change or rearrange your photos.


Step 7: Use scissors to cut a small slit over where the holes were punched – use a pencil to mark out the placement of the holes on one of the pieces of paper. Punch out the holes and use this piece as a reference for the rest of your pages

Step 8: When you’ve punched out holes on all of your pages start threading them onto the split rings two or three at a time – use a paperclip to save your fingernails!

Step 9: Finally, thread on the front and back –  done! Add embellishments if you wish – most of my photos were taken during 2013, so I used gold pushpins to make the ‘13’



Hope you enjoyed – if you make your own, I’d love to see it!

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox



Polaroid Bloggers

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite Polaroid bloggers – feel free to comments if you know of any other good ones!


Instamatic Gratification isn’t an exclusively Polaroid blog, but it’s at the top of this list because it’s possibly my favorite- a lovely eclectic mix of digital and analogue images, striking clarity and dreamy haziness and a vast range of subject matter. ImageImageImage



With a blog called ‘Wonderfluffle’ you just know it’s gonna be good. Follow a daily feed of shenanigans from a London-based design student as she documents the world in instax mini film.



The Life and Times of Joco – look no further for some beautiful examples of what Impossible film can do



I only found A Pair of Dimes blog today – If you love street photography and you love polaroids/film, you’ll love this blog.



Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox


The Lomo-Instant Camera – $99 (Earlybird)

I;m drooling over this kickstarter campaign a little bit – as I said on the original post, I do wish one that used Instax wide film could be developed!


Extend the Borders of Instant Photography with the World’s Most Creative Instant Camera System Packed With Fun Features, By Lomography.

Comment: Fresh off the press, this project is not even a day old and already has blown its funding goal of $100,000 by 192%! However the price is getting more expensive by the hour with small limited releases occurring to gauge demand and max profit. I suspect funding will exceed the $1 million dollar mark if they don’t get too greedy! Right now they have earlybirds going for $79 (camera only) and $99 (with lenses) and will soon exceed $120-130 very soon (expensive!).

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: See campaign video here:


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DIY Photo Board

I love junk. Junk yards, yunk shops, boxes of junk that were shoved under the bed many years ago, old books, old furniture, terrible artworks…you name it, if it’s junky and/or obsolete I love it.
As you can imagine, council clean up days are four of my favorite days of the year – even if my tiny apartment does cramp my ‘creativity’ a bit.

A few months ago, while walking down the street I came across a mirror that was cracked, but still had a nice and (mostly) in tact frame…So I picked it up and carried it home with only the vaguest idea of what I was going to do with it.

After sitting in my living room for some time, staunchly refusing to fix itself I grabbed some sandpaper, and white paint. The photos of the first ‘makeover’ have since been lost – but the process was fairly simple, I just removed the broken glass, sanded the frame and gave it a few coats of white acrylic paint. The first version I have photos of was the sign I made for Rockdale’s creARTivity festival



To make the background I stuck a variety of different coloured squares in a simple but bright and cheerful pattern, perfect for the occasion. I then found a ‘carnival style’ font online and drew and cut it out – by hand! (Thank-you inactive printer…)


Unfortunately the rains came pouring down on the first day I used this – though the letters remained legible the sign wasn’t really reusable. So into the junk/photographic equipment corner it went.

Until last weekend anyway. I was hired to manage a photobooth at a birthday with a damask theme and thought that this frame would be a perfect way to display some of the photos…some damask patterned paper, gold pushpins and elastic and voilà…



A lovely mix of modern and vintage styles. The client asked me not to share their photos online, so here are some I took while visiting family – All photo are Instax wide images.



This photo board (with changeable background) is available with any booking – or you can make your own!

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox