DIY Photo Board

I love junk. Junk yards, yunk shops, boxes of junk that were shoved under the bed many years ago, old books, old furniture, terrible artworks…you name it, if it’s junky and/or obsolete I love it.
As you can imagine, council clean up days are four of my favorite days of the year – even if my tiny apartment does cramp my ‘creativity’ a bit.

A few months ago, while walking down the street I came across a mirror that was cracked, but still had a nice and (mostly) in tact frame…So I picked it up and carried it home with only the vaguest idea of what I was going to do with it.

After sitting in my living room for some time, staunchly refusing to fix itself I grabbed some sandpaper, and white paint. The photos of the first ‘makeover’ have since been lost – but the process was fairly simple, I just removed the broken glass, sanded the frame and gave it a few coats of white acrylic paint. The first version I have photos of was the sign I made for Rockdale’s creARTivity festival



To make the background I stuck a variety of different coloured squares in a simple but bright and cheerful pattern, perfect for the occasion. I then found a ‘carnival style’ font online and drew and cut it out – by hand! (Thank-you inactive printer…)


Unfortunately the rains came pouring down on the first day I used this – though the letters remained legible the sign wasn’t really reusable. So into the junk/photographic equipment corner it went.

Until last weekend anyway. I was hired to manage a photobooth at a birthday with a damask theme and thought that this frame would be a perfect way to display some of the photos…some damask patterned paper, gold pushpins and elastic and voilà…



A lovely mix of modern and vintage styles. The client asked me not to share their photos online, so here are some I took while visiting family – All photo are Instax wide images.



This photo board (with changeable background) is available with any booking – or you can make your own!

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox



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