The Lomo-Instant Camera – $99 (Earlybird)

I;m drooling over this kickstarter campaign a little bit – as I said on the original post, I do wish one that used Instax wide film could be developed!


Extend the Borders of Instant Photography with the World’s Most Creative Instant Camera System Packed With Fun Features, By Lomography.

Comment: Fresh off the press, this project is not even a day old and already has blown its funding goal of $100,000 by 192%! However the price is getting more expensive by the hour with small limited releases occurring to gauge demand and max profit. I suspect funding will exceed the $1 million dollar mark if they don’t get too greedy! Right now they have earlybirds going for $79 (camera only) and $99 (with lenses) and will soon exceed $120-130 very soon (expensive!).

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: See campaign video here:


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