DIY: Photo Album



What you will need:

  1. Cardboard – thick, but still thin enough to punch holes in.
  2. Split rings – I purchased mine from a locksmith for $1 each – the size and amount you will need will depend on how big your album is
  3. Hot glue/glue gun
  4. Photo corners
  5. Material – I used a secondhand shirt
  6. Craft paper – Try to get paper that’s at least 180gsm – the stiffer the better. I got these sheets from spotlight for between $1.49-$1.55 each.
  7. Scissors
  8. Hole Punch
  9. Pencil 



Step 1: First, cut your cardboard to the size you want your covers to be – make sure this is at larger by at least 1cm on each side than you intend the pages to be. Lay these two pieces on your fabric.


Step 2: Cut out two pieces of fabric that are large enough to wrap around the cardboard.


Step 3: Decide how many rings you want to hold your album together and punch as many holes evenly along one piece of cardboard. Mark out corresponding holes on the other piece of cardboard by lining up the two pieces and poking a pencil though.

Image Step 4: Punch out the holes and check that they line up by layering the two pieces,


Step 5: Hot glue the fabric to the cardboard.

Note: To cover up the ‘messy bits’ and blank cardboard on the inside cover you can either cut out and glue down a square of paper the same size as the page or use a piece of the same material – trim off excess material first.

Image Image

Step 6: Cut your paper to size and arrange your images – Photo corners will allow you to easily change or rearrange your photos.


Step 7: Use scissors to cut a small slit over where the holes were punched – use a pencil to mark out the placement of the holes on one of the pieces of paper. Punch out the holes and use this piece as a reference for the rest of your pages

Step 8: When you’ve punched out holes on all of your pages start threading them onto the split rings two or three at a time – use a paperclip to save your fingernails!

Step 9: Finally, thread on the front and back –  done! Add embellishments if you wish – most of my photos were taken during 2013, so I used gold pushpins to make the ‘13’



Hope you enjoyed – if you make your own, I’d love to see it!

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox



3 thoughts on “DIY: Photo Album

  1. This is cute, creative and convenient to make 🙂 I have been doing a similar DIY decoration for my new room and I am sure this will be a great help. I think we can also prepare a photo frame using these trick. The personal tough will make this distinct and unique. Thank you so much for sharing wisdom.

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