First Week of Photoshoots…Day One

On a trip to my hometown recently I’ve undertaken my first paid digital photoshoots – and it was terrifying! I was going to write down some notes for myself, start building up a portfolio and leave it at that, but I love recording my progress via. blogging, so why not?! So, for now at least, this blog is no longer just about the ‘roids.
I did four shoots over five days, but I won’t bore you with all of them at once – as I go through the editing process I’ll try and post once or twice a week explaining the process, hopefully helping others to learn through my mistakes and proudly displaying some of my favorite images.

Monday – Couple shoot with Michelle and Geoffery

couple portrait

Each client was sent a pinterest ‘idea board’ – this way clients had an opportunity to tell me if I was on the right track with the concept. Pinterest is a fantastic starting point for clients and Photographers alike. Here’s the link to the board.


I was lucky enough to have beautiful weather – here in sunny Queensland it wasn’t too nippy for Michelle’s lovely dress even in the middle of winter. These photos were taken at one of Bundaberg’s beautiful beaches, Neilsons. After living in Sydney it amazes me how quiet it is!


Couple beach portrait

I’m no expert by any means, but I thought I’d leave a few notes on what went well and what I would’ve done differently.

Went well: Having a shot list and an organised idea of what I wanted to do for the shoot
Could have done differently: Had the list with me on the day – I ended up carrying quite a few things and though I had a fair idea of the contents of the list in the future I’d prefer to be more organised.
Went well: Moving around to a variety of different locations. The beach was the perfect setting for this as we had surf, sand, rocks and some greenery
Could have done differently: If the light ain’t right – MOVE! I do regret not taking more time to set up a chandelier shot. when i initially checked the location the light was fine, however when the shot was set up the light had moved.
Went well: Beautiful light at the end of the day (as you can see in the last photo) if anything I’d have moved the time slot back a bit further.

All in all I was happy with how the day went – best of all the clients seemed pleased too 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox


Hot Air Balloon Prop: Take 1


My first attempt at a hot air balloon prop – There’s a few changes to make for the final design, (mainly the basket – I don’t think a 7 month old will fit in that one!) but I’m pretty happy so far. HAB1


These balloons are huge – this one wasn’t even blown up the whole way.

Instax Dress by Boneshaker Photography

In my internet wanderings I came across this, and as a lover of all things instax just had to share it…It’s a dress made completely of Instax Wide exposures!

boneshaker instax polaroid dress

The whole gallery is here:

And the explanation of the process is here:

New Cards!

For the last few months I’ve been using terrible paper business cards – finally ordered some proper ones!



All ready to go for tomorrow’s gig 🙂

I’ve also booked my first digital photography jobs in my hometown of Bundaberg – four short sessions over one week! I’ve been just about jumping out of my skin with excitement and planning like crazy. Even though the shoots are mainly to hone my skills with the X-E1 I still plan to keep a bit of the Polaroid spirit alive and will be providing a few instant prints to all the clients.

I’ve also got some fun props to plan and make – miniature hot-air-balloon anyone? Hopefully I’ll get some time to write  D.I.Y. blog in the next few days, until then

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox