Tant d’amour!

According to google translate, that title is So Much Love! in Englishnative french speakers please correct me if it’s wrong! I watched Midnight in Paris last night (actually I watched it until it got awkward with the earrings…I have difficulty watching movies the whole way through) and that coupled with two of the shoots this week has me feeling all lovey dovey. I suppose the main reason for the french theme is the Location for Monday’s shoot at La Perouse.


Can you believe I’ve lived in Sydney for over four years now and I’ve never been here!? I hadn’t even heard of the location, but all it took was a quick google search and I was besotted.

From green scenery


To beautiful architecture


To the fantastic bridge and stunning sandstone island



I love this location!

not to mention, the incredibly cute Ashleigh and Geoffrey were awesome subjects to capture.


And then on Thursday at Bayview Park where Shova had a surprise engagement shoot, organised by her fiance Santos…congratulations!


Next week I’ve got my first big event, a civil service…can’t wait to share it! And more weddings and lovers to come I’m sure 🙂 Before I go I want to share one more image – I love this one of the guys (Santos and his friends) silhouetted against the setting sun!


Thanks for reading!

Clever Fox

P.S. If anyone out there in the wordpress world knows of someone in Sydney looking for a second shooter I’d love the chance to see a professional with experience in action!


You Only Regret The Shots You Don’t Take

Even though I’ve had digital cameras for the larger part of my life, I was born in an era that was almost completely dominated by film cameras. I can remember getting a roll of film developed about twice a year (that’s only about 60 photos. per YEAR!). Though I think I must’ve been in my early teens when my family got a digital camera, I still have fond memories of going through the packet of film and re-livng school trips, camping, Christmases, Easters and birthdays. 

My mum splurged out one year and bought herself a $500 olympus, which she later gave to me…I found that camera while going through some stuff lately. Displayed on the outside in shiny silver letters was the proud announcement: 6 Megapixels. wow. High tech stuff.

Anyway, what am I babbling on about?

Since going back to film I find myself holding back more. Sometimes this is good – I know that the shot won’t work, or that I need to go over there to get a better angle or I need to wait until the light is better – I know this means I’m learning. But sometimes, it’s just because I’m worried about wasting film and this isn’t good. On a recent trip to Brisbane I found myself having to repeat to myself “you only regret the shots you don’t take.” DSCF7830In particular I walked past some of the prettiest leaf litter I’d seen – purple, pink and orange bougainvillea petals and the dull green of dying leaves. No way. I’m not taking a photo of leaf litter. But I did. And I like it.

twistI have no idea what this structure was supposed to represent (It’s a bit phallic, so maybe it’s supposed to complement the big balls on Queen st?) but standing inside and looking up it looked pretty cool. Walking away I turned around and saw a cloud that lined up perfectly with the top so I snapped this.

No more photoshoots this weekend, but I’m off to the lovely La Perouse on Monday to do a couples shoot…until next time,

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox

Surprise Proposals and Old Newlyweds

What a surprisingly awesome weekend! Since the success of the Bundaberg shoots I decided to put an ad on gumtree to see if Sydney-siders would be keen to do some photoshoots with me. Only a few hours later I had a message from Simon asking me if I’d take on a special request..photographing his proposal in Sydney’s Chinese Gardens.

That night while going through the photos I got a message from Jessie in regards to a wedding shoot. Now there’s no way I’d feel confident taking on a wedding on my own at my current skill level but not to worry – Jessie and James were married two years ago! But they never got photos done, so out of storage came the stunning dress and the suave suit and off to Milsons Point and Luna Park we went. Jessie told me James doesn’t like having photos done, but I think he may have secretly enjoyed himself just a bit.

Wedding season has begun and I’ve got two Photobooths booked so far for the coming months, as well as Rockdale’s spring markets in collusion with Living Laneways and Now and then Markets as well as some more couples shoots and a DIY project or two…so stay tuned, more awesome stuff on the way!

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox

Photoshoots…Day Four

Last one! And possibly the shoot I was looking forward to the most…anything that involves both a beautiful dress and fluorescent paint has got to be fun…

Friday – Kylie Wrecks Her Dress


Kylie had kindly agreed to let me experiment on her and came along to a cane field behind my parents house dolled up and looking every bit the beautiful bride. Four $3 bottles of paint from the reject shop later she was ready to go to a rave!


The best part of the shoot was possibly the fact that next to the section of cane we were using was a road – at the time it was cane harvesting season so cane trucks would occasionally trundle pass – I can’t imagine what they must have thought of us!


Anyway, all images from the shoots have now been edited and sent off and I’m back in old Sydney town…and let’s just say I’ve got some awesome stuff coming up 😉

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox

Photoshoots…Day Three

I was really excited about this photoshoot, mainly because it gave me an opportunity to create this incredible hot air balloon prop! I’d already given the concept a simplified test run at home and was sure it would all work out…

Thursday – Cheeky Charlottefamily photography

The shoot go to a hectic start as I hurriedly finished of the prep work for the hot air balloon prop; scissors, sticky tape and crepe paper were not being co-operative today! Then my lift to the shoot didn’t turn up…eek! Luckily hubby was on hand to throw my upon his noble steed (his mum’s car) and gallop off (at the speed limit) to yonder photoshoot.


I’d was lucky enough to find a great basket, which turned out to be just the right size. The rug I used was crocheted by my Nanna when I was born – the light tones worked well as a reflector to stop the skin catching green tones from the grass.

baby portrait

Charlotte was all smiles for most of the shoot, save one moment – when the balloon popped! That’s right, all of the visions I had had of this fantastic, adorable prop disappeared with a bang…in the mean time back at home in Sydney the balloon that was blown up for the test-run stoically refuses to deflate…but oh well, the show must go on! In the end the client was still happy with the resulting image and that’s what matters most.

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox

Photoshoots…Day Two

My second shoot was probably the one I was most nervous about. Four people to pose one of them two years old and another one year old – yikes!

Tuesday – Family shoot with the Creighton’sfamily_portrait

It threatened to rain not long before the shoot, even sprinkling a bit but all was bright and sunny in the end. The location was Bundaberg’s botanical gardens – a nice green setting with a pond and plenty of wildlife. My initial plans changed a bit thanks to an ugly fence that had been constructed next to the pond and that sneaky afternoon sunlight. So instead of a grassy area pond-side we moved around a bit, from some steps and a hill just outside the 1928 cafe to the board walk.


As we got down to shooting I was starting to feel I’d overestimated my abilities…or maybe just my child-wrangling skills! It seemed that the best plan was to relax and let there be no plan. Mr. two was full of beans and kept mum and dad on their toes. Little miss one in was not a happy chappy for much of the shoot, but that just meant that smiles we got in the end were doubly rewarding when they appeared.

boy portrait


I feel like I learnt a lot in this shoot and in the end was rewarded with some adorable photos. If you’re interested, here’s the Pinterest board I made for them. Next up was little Charlotte’s shoot…i’ll save that for my next blog!

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox