Photoshoots…Day Two

My second shoot was probably the one I was most nervous about. Four people to pose one of them two years old and another one year old – yikes!

Tuesday – Family shoot with the Creighton’sfamily_portrait

It threatened to rain not long before the shoot, even sprinkling a bit but all was bright and sunny in the end. The location was Bundaberg’s botanical gardens – a nice green setting with a pond and plenty of wildlife. My initial plans changed a bit thanks to an ugly fence that had been constructed next to the pond and that sneaky afternoon sunlight. So instead of a grassy area pond-side we moved around a bit, from some steps and a hill just outside the 1928 cafe to the board walk.


As we got down to shooting I was starting to feel I’d overestimated my abilities…or maybe just my child-wrangling skills! It seemed that the best plan was to relax and let there be no plan. Mr. two was full of beans and kept mum and dad on their toes. Little miss one in was not a happy chappy for much of the shoot, but that just meant that smiles we got in the end were doubly rewarding when they appeared.

boy portrait


I feel like I learnt a lot in this shoot and in the end was rewarded with some adorable photos. If you’re interested, here’s the Pinterest board I made for them. Next up was little Charlotte’s shoot…i’ll save that for my next blog!

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox


2 thoughts on “Photoshoots…Day Two

  1. keep on clickin… the more natural the feel the better,things jest happen during a shoot and all for the better in my eyes very kewl stuff 🙂 through ur lenz 🙂

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