Photoshoots…Day Three

I was really excited about this photoshoot, mainly because it gave me an opportunity to create this incredible hot air balloon prop! I’d already given the concept a simplified test run at home and was sure it would all work out…

Thursday – Cheeky Charlottefamily photography

The shoot go to a hectic start as I hurriedly finished of the prep work for the hot air balloon prop; scissors, sticky tape and crepe paper were not being co-operative today! Then my lift to the shoot didn’t turn up…eek! Luckily hubby was on hand to throw my upon his noble steed (his mum’s car) and gallop off (at the speed limit) to yonder photoshoot.


I’d was lucky enough to find a great basket, which turned out to be just the right size. The rug I used was crocheted by my Nanna when I was born – the light tones worked well as a reflector to stop the skin catching green tones from the grass.

baby portrait

Charlotte was all smiles for most of the shoot, save one moment – when the balloon popped! That’s right, all of the visions I had had of this fantastic, adorable prop disappeared with a bang…in the mean time back at home in Sydney the balloon that was blown up for the test-run stoically refuses to deflate…but oh well, the show must go on! In the end the client was still happy with the resulting image and that’s what matters most.

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox


2 thoughts on “Photoshoots…Day Three

  1. very kewl, an me at a shoot like that well, when trajedy strikes for the child like that if the parents can deal with it i keep on shooting to get some very original crybaby shots also… is werth the “POP” sumtimez in the long run! in the days of future past top have kewl shots of emotion like that also, some p[eople really appreciate it, remember if anything goes wrong in the shoot 🙂 shoot it 🙂 sometimes thats the best shot of the day ! kewl shotz u got there 🙂 an keep on keeping on inspiring others as u do 🙂 Q

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