Photoshoots…Day Four

Last one! And possibly the shoot I was looking forward to the most…anything that involves both a beautiful dress and fluorescent paint has got to be fun…

Friday – Kylie Wrecks Her Dress


Kylie had kindly agreed to let me experiment on her and came along to a cane field behind my parents house dolled up and looking every bit the beautiful bride. Four $3 bottles of paint from the reject shop later she was ready to go to a rave!


The best part of the shoot was possibly the fact that next to the section of cane we were using was a road – at the time it was cane harvesting season so cane trucks would occasionally trundle pass – I can’t imagine what they must have thought of us!


Anyway, all images from the shoots have now been edited and sent off and I’m back in old Sydney town…and let’s just say I’ve got some awesome stuff coming up 😉

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox


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