You Only Regret The Shots You Don’t Take

Even though I’ve had digital cameras for the larger part of my life, I was born in an era that was almost completely dominated by film cameras. I can remember getting a roll of film developed about twice a year (that’s only about 60 photos. per YEAR!). Though I think I must’ve been in my early teens when my family got a digital camera, I still have fond memories of going through the packet of film and re-livng school trips, camping, Christmases, Easters and birthdays. 

My mum splurged out one year and bought herself a $500 olympus, which she later gave to me…I found that camera while going through some stuff lately. Displayed on the outside in shiny silver letters was the proud announcement: 6 Megapixels. wow. High tech stuff.

Anyway, what am I babbling on about?

Since going back to film I find myself holding back more. Sometimes this is good – I know that the shot won’t work, or that I need to go over there to get a better angle or I need to wait until the light is better – I know this means I’m learning. But sometimes, it’s just because I’m worried about wasting film and this isn’t good. On a recent trip to Brisbane I found myself having to repeat to myself “you only regret the shots you don’t take.” DSCF7830In particular I walked past some of the prettiest leaf litter I’d seen – purple, pink and orange bougainvillea petals and the dull green of dying leaves. No way. I’m not taking a photo of leaf litter. But I did. And I like it.

twistI have no idea what this structure was supposed to represent (It’s a bit phallic, so maybe it’s supposed to complement the big balls on Queen st?) but standing inside and looking up it looked pretty cool. Walking away I turned around and saw a cloud that lined up perfectly with the top so I snapped this.

No more photoshoots this weekend, but I’m off to the lovely La Perouse on Monday to do a couples shoot…until next time,

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox


4 thoughts on “You Only Regret The Shots You Don’t Take

  1. Apropos going through old photos and re-living: this reminds me that I’ll have to print out some books with some of my digital photos. It’s nicer to flip through a book than a hard-disk.

  2. With film I was the same, counting every shot but some shots you just have to go for. yet digital has spoiled people taking shots of everything. I think in a way in film or digital you have to take the shot even just for the learning curve.

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