Classy CD or DVD Case DIY

DIY DVD case

One thing I’ve discovered as I take on more digital photography clients is that it’s painfully difficult to find nice and affordable CD/DVD cases. Jewel cases are all very well, but were a bit boring and I find using inserts to pretty them up just looks tacky – so late 1990/early 2000’s! So I put on my crafting hat, found a template I liked and went ahead and made my own.

It’s a very simple DIY project and customisable to whatever style you’re after.

What you need:

DIY materials

Double Sided Pretty Paper (at least 120gsm)


Super-sharp cutting thingy (stanley knife, exacto blade etc)

Cutting board




Photo corners


one CD/DVD


How you do it:

  1. Choose what paper you want on the outside and what you want for the insert – I used the same sheet of paper which had a different pattern on each side

patterned paper

  1. First, cut out the cover. Draw and cut out a rectangle 26cm L x 13cm W. I made mine as small as possible to fit inside the envelopes I’d brought – feel free to add on a cm or two!


  1. Fold the rectangle in half to make the cover
  1. Cut out the insert – this is a 12cm square – this will just fit a CD/DVD so as I said, feel free to make it slightly larger!

DIY CD case

  1. To make the holders for the CD/DVD flip the insert over and measure 4cm from each corner and make a mark

DIY CD case

  1. Get an unwanted CD/DVD and line it up with the marks on each side – trace around it with a pencil


  1. Cut along these traced lines with your super-sharp cutting thing, leaving enough uncut at either end of the lines to hold the corner on (about 0.5 cm)

DIY CD case

  1. Flip over the inset and check that the CD/DVD fits comfortably

DVD case DIY

  1. Use photo corners to attach the insert to the inside of the cover

DIY DVD case

  1. Add some pretty ribbon and Voila! You now have a lovely little case for your photos, videos or music. If you make your own I’d love to see it.

pretty DIY CD case


3 thoughts on “Classy CD or DVD Case DIY

  1. Lovely idea. I have to present a CD of wedding photos to a friend soon and this looks a lot better than just sending them in an envelope and more special 🙂

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