Sunrise #40

Got the slow exposure of the rock wall today – not as spectacular as I would’ve liked, might try it again if there’s some fast clouds/waves. I’ve also finally caught up with my posting! I post more regularly on my facebook page, if you want to see these as I take them rather than as a heap of posts every now and then :p

Sunrise #40 23.04.15

Sunrise #40


Photoshoots…Day Four

Last one! And possibly the shoot I was looking forward to the most…anything that involves both a beautiful dress and fluorescent paint has got to be fun…

Friday – Kylie Wrecks Her Dress


Kylie had kindly agreed to let me experiment on her and came along to a cane field behind my parents house dolled up and looking every bit the beautiful bride. Four $3 bottles of paint from the reject shop later she was ready to go to a rave!


The best part of the shoot was possibly the fact that next to the section of cane we were using was a road – at the time it was cane harvesting season so cane trucks would occasionally trundle pass – I can’t imagine what they must have thought of us!


Anyway, all images from the shoots have now been edited and sent off and I’m back in old Sydney town…and let’s just say I’ve got some awesome stuff coming up 😉

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Clever Fox

Photoshoots…Day Three

I was really excited about this photoshoot, mainly because it gave me an opportunity to create this incredible hot air balloon prop! I’d already given the concept a simplified test run at home and was sure it would all work out…

Thursday – Cheeky Charlottefamily photography

The shoot go to a hectic start as I hurriedly finished of the prep work for the hot air balloon prop; scissors, sticky tape and crepe paper were not being co-operative today! Then my lift to the shoot didn’t turn up…eek! Luckily hubby was on hand to throw my upon his noble steed (his mum’s car) and gallop off (at the speed limit) to yonder photoshoot.


I’d was lucky enough to find a great basket, which turned out to be just the right size. The rug I used was crocheted by my Nanna when I was born – the light tones worked well as a reflector to stop the skin catching green tones from the grass.

baby portrait

Charlotte was all smiles for most of the shoot, save one moment – when the balloon popped! That’s right, all of the visions I had had of this fantastic, adorable prop disappeared with a bang…in the mean time back at home in Sydney the balloon that was blown up for the test-run stoically refuses to deflate…but oh well, the show must go on! In the end the client was still happy with the resulting image and that’s what matters most.

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Clever Fox

Instax Dress by Boneshaker Photography

In my internet wanderings I came across this, and as a lover of all things instax just had to share it…It’s a dress made completely of Instax Wide exposures!

boneshaker instax polaroid dress

The whole gallery is here:

And the explanation of the process is here:

New Cards!

For the last few months I’ve been using terrible paper business cards – finally ordered some proper ones!



All ready to go for tomorrow’s gig 🙂

I’ve also booked my first digital photography jobs in my hometown of Bundaberg – four short sessions over one week! I’ve been just about jumping out of my skin with excitement and planning like crazy. Even though the shoots are mainly to hone my skills with the X-E1 I still plan to keep a bit of the Polaroid spirit alive and will be providing a few instant prints to all the clients.

I’ve also got some fun props to plan and make – miniature hot-air-balloon anyone? Hopefully I’ll get some time to write  D.I.Y. blog in the next few days, until then

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Clever Fox

DIY: Photo Album



What you will need:

  1. Cardboard – thick, but still thin enough to punch holes in.
  2. Split rings – I purchased mine from a locksmith for $1 each – the size and amount you will need will depend on how big your album is
  3. Hot glue/glue gun
  4. Photo corners
  5. Material – I used a secondhand shirt
  6. Craft paper – Try to get paper that’s at least 180gsm – the stiffer the better. I got these sheets from spotlight for between $1.49-$1.55 each.
  7. Scissors
  8. Hole Punch
  9. Pencil 



Step 1: First, cut your cardboard to the size you want your covers to be – make sure this is at larger by at least 1cm on each side than you intend the pages to be. Lay these two pieces on your fabric.


Step 2: Cut out two pieces of fabric that are large enough to wrap around the cardboard.


Step 3: Decide how many rings you want to hold your album together and punch as many holes evenly along one piece of cardboard. Mark out corresponding holes on the other piece of cardboard by lining up the two pieces and poking a pencil though.

Image Step 4: Punch out the holes and check that they line up by layering the two pieces,


Step 5: Hot glue the fabric to the cardboard.

Note: To cover up the ‘messy bits’ and blank cardboard on the inside cover you can either cut out and glue down a square of paper the same size as the page or use a piece of the same material – trim off excess material first.

Image Image

Step 6: Cut your paper to size and arrange your images – Photo corners will allow you to easily change or rearrange your photos.


Step 7: Use scissors to cut a small slit over where the holes were punched – use a pencil to mark out the placement of the holes on one of the pieces of paper. Punch out the holes and use this piece as a reference for the rest of your pages

Step 8: When you’ve punched out holes on all of your pages start threading them onto the split rings two or three at a time – use a paperclip to save your fingernails!

Step 9: Finally, thread on the front and back –  done! Add embellishments if you wish – most of my photos were taken during 2013, so I used gold pushpins to make the ‘13’



Hope you enjoyed – if you make your own, I’d love to see it!

Thanks for reading,

Clever Fox