Sunrise #35

I think this one’s my favourite from Bundaberg – love how it looks like an oil painting

Sunrise #35 11.04.15

Sunrise #35


New Project…Two sunrises down, 98 to go.

I know I know…I’ve been gone way too long! I’ve been having a fantastic time over the last few months, photographing more and more clients, getting an actual day job in photography (more on that later) but I’ve also decided to start a new project…100 Or So Sunrises.

The ‘or so’ is added I because let’s be honest here…I have no idea when I’ll stop! But I’d be happy if I got to 100.Hopefully I’ll catch up in more detail later, but for now, here are sunrises one and two!


Sunrise #1

Sunrise botany bay

Sunrise #2 03.02.15

Tant d’amour!

According to google translate, that title is So Much Love! in Englishnative french speakers please correct me if it’s wrong! I watched Midnight in Paris last night (actually I watched it until it got awkward with the earrings…I have difficulty watching movies the whole way through) and that coupled with two of the shoots this week has me feeling all lovey dovey. I suppose the main reason for the french theme is the Location for Monday’s shoot at La Perouse.


Can you believe I’ve lived in Sydney for over four years now and I’ve never been here!? I hadn’t even heard of the location, but all it took was a quick google search and I was besotted.

From green scenery


To beautiful architecture


To the fantastic bridge and stunning sandstone island



I love this location!

not to mention, the incredibly cute Ashleigh and Geoffrey were awesome subjects to capture.


And then on Thursday at Bayview Park where Shova had a surprise engagement shoot, organised by her fiance Santos…congratulations!


Next week I’ve got my first big event, a civil service…can’t wait to share it! And more weddings and lovers to come I’m sure 🙂 Before I go I want to share one more image – I love this one of the guys (Santos and his friends) silhouetted against the setting sun!


Thanks for reading!

Clever Fox

P.S. If anyone out there in the wordpress world knows of someone in Sydney looking for a second shooter I’d love the chance to see a professional with experience in action!